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COMET is a name which has been associated with light engineering/manufacturing in Tauranga for many years. In fact something like 65-70 years. In all this time it has had only three owners, the current one of which has steered this innovative company for 24 years.

Recent workload of the general engineering and contract side of this business has meant that the current owner has had to put aside his first interest which is the development of new products and processes. 

Advancing years means that the current owner would now like to ease back a little from the day to day running of the main engineering/manufacturing business and spend some time developing a new area of business, that of Robotic welding services. This new entity is called Denis Tilson Developments (dtd).

Accordingly an opportunity has now arisen for a new business partner/shareholder/buyer for Comet Services Ltd.

This new partner could be an engineer type or a marketing type as the current owner
is sure the sky is the limit for Comet Services Ltd if run by a younger person with either of these skills.

The development of dtd which should result from the current owner not having to spend so much time on Comet Services Ltd matters, should benefit the new owner/shareholder of Comet Services Ltd too, as this company could be given the option of fabricating jigs, patterns etc for dtd, as well as providing labour. 

In addition to this is the important fact that the new Robotic welding service is operated from the same premises, which is a huge plus for the new owner of Comet Services, as it means that the outgoing owner will be close by for the foreseeable future.

Comet Services Ltd is well situated in a very high growth area in New Zealand to make an ideal investment for an offshore, or even out of town Company, and Denis is flexible as to how big or how small a roll he takes.



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